Heaven on Earth Mandala, Corinna Zubin Lyon

Heaven on Earth Mandala, Corinna Zubin Lyon


Community meditation for peace
Mondays beginning January 9th
The Wellspring School for Healing Arts

Come and experience the calm of mindfulness meditation in a year-long community practice for peace. At times of anxiety and uncertainty, mindfulness meditation is a powerful way to refocus your energy on cultivating inner peace - the only place you can truly find it. Through this practice, we rediscover the beauty of life itself in the present moment and become the change we want to see in our world. Peace is the pathway that unites us, creating the environment of connected wellbeing we so desire, And when we practice together as a community, the peaceful calming energy is amplified collectively.

lullaby love
an album of original lullabies

Share the joy with Lullaby Love
Lyrics and Melodies by Iris Moon

Music is one of the most powerful ways to share love and connection; especially with lullabies. Children radiate joy into our lives and Lullaby Love reflects that joy with sweet melodies and beautiful piano accompaniment.